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Introducing Dr. Amila Jayasinghe, our Ayurveda medical practitioner who has come onboard to provide her patients with the best care. Dr. Amila is an expert in Ayurveda, Acupuncture & Counselling. Acquiring her knowledge from The Department of Ayurveda, University of Kelaniya and exceeding over 16 years in the field of acupuncture as well as lecturing, Dr. Amila is known to be a well-organized, results oriented, and updated professional who is always keen to learn new things that can potentially change her patients’ lives. Dr. Amila is also fluent in both Sinhalese and English and impressively loves to spend more time in counselling and lecturing during her off duty hours. We can ensure that our Vida doctor – Dr. Amila Jayasinghe with her proactive nature will provide you with the holistic care that you seek. One sentence approach to Healthcare: “I believe that in the healthcare field, education never really ends It is a part of our job to stay up-to-date about new developments in our field”