Dr. Burhanuddin Hamza

General Physician

Dr. Burhanuddin Hamza




Introducing to you a young, dynamic doctor with a vision to see patients been genuinely and passionately cared for, Dr Burhannuddin Hamza is a compassionate and innovative medical professional who specialises in Emergency Care, Medicine & Surgery. Dr Burhan, as he is commonly known as, is a prominent figure due to his strong diagnostic, interpersonal & analytical skills that has made him the preferred doctor to go to for patients at his several postings around Sri Lanka. Dr Burhan is also fluent in Sinhalese, English, Gujarati & Russian and is also proficient in Hindi and Arabic, making him an approachable doctor for patients around the world. Being an individual who loves to spend time with family and friends when not working, Dr Burhan partners as a Vida Doctor to be a catalyst of change in revolutionising wholesome medical care in Sri Lanka to give the patients the care that they truly deserve.