Ms. Nora Imeli

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Ms. Nora Imeli


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Nora Imeli is a Hungarian-born Rapid Transformational Therapist. RTT is a complete solution-based treatment which combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Neuroscience. Nora’s fascination with the human mind led her to pursue her passion to uplift and enhance the quality of life of her clients, through individual and group therapy practice. Ultimately she seeks to make an impact on individuals and communities through her intuitive and empowering approach. She is a practising therapist since March 2021. With a strong background in commercial sales, Nora is driven by the desire to enable positive change in corporations, as she truly understands the challenges that come with high-pressure roles and a frenetic imbalanced lifestyle. Her deep interest is dealing with conditions such as anxiety, depression and procrastination where she has derived deep insight from her own lived experience. “ I was inspired to become a therapist because I was moved by my own experience as a client, and realised that I wanted to dedicate myself to helping improve the quality of people’s lives through a fast and highly impactful method. I am an advocate for mental health, and I would like to be a facilitator of that journey for anyone who needs a breakthrough!” Nora is completing her BSc Honours Psychology through The Open University and is a member of the International Hypnosis Association. She holds a diploma from renowned expert Marisa Peer who pioneered the RTT method that gained global recognition as one of the most effective treatments available. She is a Life Coach, certified by the International Association of Professions Career Collage.