Haroon Thowfeek

Dr Haroon Thowfeek has rapidly become a young doctor that patients seek expertise from due to his compassionate, nurturing, decisive and attentive attributes.

With over 5 years’ experience in Family General Practice, Dr Haroon is currently the most consulted general practitioner on the ODoc Platform in Sri Lanka with over 11500+ consultations, largely owing to his ability to provide wholesome care by not just treating the patient but educating them as well.

As with many of our Vida Doctors, Dr Haroon is multilingual and is proficient in English, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi & Russian.

When away from work, Dr Haroon prides himself on being an affectionate, dependable son, brother, husband, father, relative, neighbour and a friend, further reiterating his nature as a compassionate Doctor.

We are confident that Vida Doctor – Haroon Thowfeek will provide you unmatched care and beyond to ensure you are happy and healthy.

Speciality General Physician
Degrees MBBS
Office No 33, Deal Place A, Colombo 03
Gender Male

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