Sports Medicine & Recovery

Sports Medicine is a branch of treatment which is focused on diagnosing injuries, giving advices on how to stay fit and helping in the prevention on future illnesses that are usually caused through physical activities/exercise. Sports podiatry is the diagnosis of leg, foot, ankle and knee injuries that can be treated using several methods, including altered footwear, orthotic insoles and exercises.

Here at Vida Medical, we have Physical Therapists who helps people to rehabilitate and recover from the injuries, Certified Physical Fitness Trainers who helps in regaining lost strength of athletes and also in developing programs on how to prevent future injuries with given diet plans and etc., Nutritionists’ who can help you with weight loss or weight gain and may provide you with the dietary routine that best fits in your favor.

We as a clinic has a drive in providing all our patients with the best doctors/therapists in town, with regards to help in sports medicine. Here’s some of the signals that tells you that you need to see a Sports Medicine provider;

If you or your child is experiencing;

  • Swelling – This is when a part of your body becomes bigger due to a certain illness or injury resulting when there’s an increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the injured area, the compression of your nerves causes the pain.
  • Weakness – Weakness is when you feel a lack of strength, you feel tired more often than on the usual days, feeling exhausted and etc. You can overcome this through regular exercise, a balanced diet, having emotional support and etc;
  • Sudden Pain in any of your body parts – Acute pain may result from cuts, burns, bone fractures, food poisoning, and appendicitis. The best thing to do is visiting your nearby medical advisor
  • A Joint/Bone fracture – A fracture usually takes places when you push some kind of greater force into your bones than what it can actually hold, the seriousness of it can extend to surgeries and permanent loss of movement, if not treated immediately. No matter how bad your fracture is you should see a specialist as quickly as possible.