Vida provides direct consultancy services


At Vida Medical Clinic, we offer personalised consulting services to ensure that we provide you with the medical care that aligns with your specific needs. Our team of doctors range from a variety of different specialties ready to provide you with the treatment you require.

Consultancy provides you with customized, holistic care which picks up your problem from its root and treats it to the very end, our consultant will serve you with their expertise opinions & recommendations based on their own experience.

The concepts for performing effective consultations were described by Goldman’s ‘‘Ten Commandments’’ These include:
(1) Determine the question
(2) Establish urgency
(3) Look for yourself
(4) Be as brief as appropriate
(5) Be specific and concise
(6) Provide contingency plans
(7) Honor thy turf
(8) Teach with tact
(9) Talk is cheap and effective

The consultant’s advice and recommendations need to be concise and specific to the question asked by the patients and here at VIDA, we have the best consultants who can provide you with the care you deserve with a pinch of love.

Our Doctors and Medical Professionals

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