Sexual Health

At our clinic, we emphasise the significance of sexual education in promoting overall well being.

Sexual Health

Here at Vida, our specialists can conduct a variety of sexual health tests which include consultation with the doctor who will take the sample and follow up with a personal phone call at your convenience to discuss your results.

Your education on sex is important, whilst it may seem intriguing to you it carries a lot of risks including Pregnancy, Sexual Harassment and Sexually transmitted Infections (STI’s)

Questions you can ask your doctor:
• What are the risks of having sex?
• How will I know whether I’m ready to have sex?
• How can I practice safe sex?
• What are the ways I can prevent from being pregnant?
• Are there any vaccines I should get before I have sex?
• I had sex with no birth control, what can I do next?
• How do I know whether I’m in poor sexual health?
• What can I do if I have any infections such as STI’S or HIV?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians these are a few ways a doctor can be of help to you;
If you think you are pregnant, have an STI, or have been abused sexually, seek help right away. Tests can be performed by doctors to validate pregnancy and STIs, they can provide you with information in detail and discuss your opinions and what you think needs to be done, for abuse or any sort of sexual harassment, a doctor can perform tests and provide you with the necessary treatments, police officers or lawyers can provide legal assistance. You also may want to visit a counselor, who can offer emotional support.

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