Family Medicine (OPD)

Our healthcare facility provides OPD appointments, where we provide tailor-made medical attention to each patient. 

Family Medicine (OPD)

Here at Vida Medical Clinic, our highly esteemed Private GPs are available seven days a week to offer same-day appointments and provide bespoke care to all of our patients from beginning to end.

A Family Physician to be briefed, is someone who provides Family Medicine and is just more than a doctor for you and your family, he is particularly similar to your own family and will help you out with all your needs. As the after effects of globalization and the unnatural diseases such as Covid-19, health along with people’s mental stability around the world is on a reclining process, we are in need of a really good health system based on primary care.

The system that should be implemented must focus more in educating people on the importance and wealth of healthcare, effective medicine routines, prevention of several diseases and advancement of wholesome care to which family physicians/general practitioners can give their best unto. Family Physicians or GP’s are the only specialists who are experts to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages, starting from newborns to seniors as well.

Family Medicine is known to be among the most in – demand physician specialties, rounding out the top five most in – demand physician specialties as for the records although according to the reports by the 2019 American Association of Medical Colleges estimates that the country will experience a shortage of between 54,100 & 139,000 physicians across both primary care & specialties across 2033.

Following up with OPD (Out Patient Department), In comparison to inpatient hospitalization is much cheaper and convenient adding on, it will give an instant follow up to patients who were recently discharged or even new to the medical service center and will help patient rehabilitation on a large scale.

VIDA, as a medical service provider of OPD, sports medicine, sexual heath, psychotherapy, nutrition, consultancy and many more will work day & night for your well-being and support and we are confident that our team will provide you with unmatched care.

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